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Te Horo Ornamentals Ltd, Otaki

Te Horo Ornamentals is located on the West Coast of the North Island and is 38 acres in size. They employ 14 full time staff and have been in the industry since March 1992. Te Horo Ornamentals came into being as a result of the business that Geoff & Beth Jewell set up in 1976, Proteaceae Nurseries, being relocated from its 20 acre site at Rewa in the central part of the North Island of New Zealand to Te Horo in 1992.

Te Horo Ornamentals specialize in producing Proteaceae, South African Ericaceae and other selected South African and Australian plants. Currently 250,000 units are produced on an annual basis to supply the retail garden centre market throughout New Zealand.

Although the main emphasis of the business is producing plants for the retail market Te Horo Ornamentals has continued to build on another aspect of Proteaceae Nurseries past business by supplying rooted cuttings to the export cut-flower growers.

Te Horo Ornamentals has strengthened its position that it inherited from Proteaceae Nurseries of being the premier producer of Proteaceae in NZ and is now recognised as being a producer of quality South African plants in NZ. It has become well known for the very high standard of production and prides itself on the quality of the product it produces.

Contact Geoff Jewell - 027 442 2749
Address Settlement Road

Phone 06 364 2051
Fax 06 364 3208

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