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Growing Spectrum Ltd, Waikato

Growing Spectrum was established in 1988 by Peter and Carol Fraser and it has grown to a vibrant company employing 36 full-time staff. Our growing area now consists of 6 acres of Field Product and 8 acres of container product with a further 10 acres in tree production. We are currently producing over 400,000 plants per annum.

Product is delivered to clients in the North Island in the same week of ordering where ever possible. This is almost unique in our industry but we use our own delivery trucks to ensure stringent delivery schedules are maintained. The initiative of a South Island grower trucking product regularly to the South Island now means that we supply more product to South Island Garden Centres.

To add to the appeal of our product at retail outlets, we provide colour plant labels and other point of sale material to assist the Garden Centre staff. We have developed a range of easily recognisable labels for our signature crops using the spectrum brand. Our latest marketing focus is building brand recognition at retail level with the redevelopment of our label range, point of sale material and sign writing on trucks and vans.

Growing Spectrum was presented with the 2007 Nursery of the Year Award last year in recognition of outstanding quality and service.

Contact Peter Fraser - 021 995 743
Address 103 Lyon Street
P O Box 29
Kihikihi 3841

Phone 07 871 6162
Fax 07 871 4006

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