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Bruntwood Nursery Ltd, Hamilton

David and Shirley Ogilvy first established Bruntwood Nurseries in 1977 on Bruntwood Road, Cambridge. After outgrowing the original site the nursery was moved to its present location in 1983.

The nursery currently employs 14 staff with extra seasonal staff employed as required. The two sales reps cover the North Island visiting customers from Kaitaia down to Wellington.

Bruntwood Nurseries grows a diverse range of plants for the New Zealand garden centre and landscape markets. They also grow large numbers of Phormiums for export.

Contacts Dave Ogilvy - 027 482 2826
Shirley Ogilvy - 027 490 6010
Address 208 Narrows Road
R D 2

Phone 07 843 4902
Fax 07 843 4396

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