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Between the members of the group they have many contacts internationally so are able to access new plant varieties which are offered to members of the group for distribution throughout New Zealand.

Many new plant varieties are brought into the country through the group which are then trialled by the members, protected through Plant Variety Rights (PVR) and then marketed and sold through garden centres.

Unique labels and promotional material are supplied with all Quality Growers exclusive plant lines to aid in marketing and brand awareness.

Berberis Maria PVR
Berberis  Maria
New Release September 2009. This wonderful upright form has been brought to us from Poland. In spring 'Maria' produces bright red shoots with lime green foliage which deepens to deep yellow through the summer. Deciduous.
PVR - 2798
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Boronia Purple Jared PVR
Boronia  Purple Jared
A stunning new release in 2009 with large purple highly scented flowers on a strong vigorous plant. Purple Jared is a cross between heterophylla and megastigma varieties and has the best qualities of both plants. Enjoys a cool root system so plant in a semi shaded spot. Trim lightly after flowering to maintain compact shape.
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Camellia Curly Lady
Camellia  Curly Lady
This new and original cultivar of Camellia in unlike any other on the market.
'Curly Lady' has beautiful spirally twisting lateral branches that turn this easy to grow shrub into a feature plant for all gardens. It grows with an upright and outwardly spreading habit. The glossy green foliage creates a lush back drop in the garden.
Large semi-double rich red flowers will bloom in late winter and into spring.
'Curly Lady' will grow in most well drained soils, which do not get too dry, in sun or semi-shade.
Great as a specimen, but a hedge of this interesting plant would be a great talking point. Trim after flowering to shape if required.
Height approx. 3m x 1.5m
Grown exclusively by the Quality Growers Group.
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Caryopteris Summer Sorbet
Caryopteris  Summer Sorbet
New Release 2008. A colourful small shrub which produces striking golden variegated foliage in early spring followed by vibrant blue flowers through the summer. Trim back during the winter. Deciduous. Exclusive to QG.
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Cordyline Cardinal PVR
Cordyline  Cardinal
New Release 2008. A stunning new Cordyline with long wide foliage of deepest red. Fantastic architectural form! Plant in full sun or semi shade. Keep moist in the heat of the summer. Hardy.
PVR - 2796
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Cordyline Chocolate Mint PVR
Cordyline  Chocolate Mint
This recent introduction is a new colour break in the Cordyline range with strong upright foliage with stripes of chocolate brown and lime green. Fits in any garden situation as long as it has well drained soil conditions. Will grow upright to approximately 3m. Great as an accent plant in pots or as a contrast foliage plant in the garden. Hardy New Zealand native plant.
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Cordyline Jade Fountain
Cordyline  Jade Fountain
A new broad leafed relative of the popular and well known NZ cabbage tree. 'Jade Fountain' will add a sub-tropical dimension to any garden with its lush green foliage and sprays of cream flowers in the summer months. An excellent tub plant. Hardy evergreen New Zealand native that is easy to grow.
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Grevillea Lady O PVR
Grevillea  Lady O
A medium sized spreading shrub bearing a host of bright red flowers through the summer months making a wonderful display. Under mild conditions these lovely plants can flower all year round. Lady O is adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions and is great for coastal areas and hot dry gardens. Frost hardy. PVR protected 2839 propagation is prohibited.
PVR - 2839
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Hardenbergia Regent
Hardenbergia  Regent
'Regent' is a specially chosen form of Hardenbergia violacea. It is a hardy, upright shrub growing to approx.. 1 metre in height. It has large leathery leave that stand out from the stems. Attractive purple pea flowers are produced in spring and stand erect amongst the leaves. 'Regent' grows best in full sun and tolerates a wide range of soil types. Plants can be pruned after flowering if required to maintain a bushy shape.
PVR30957. Propagation of this plant is prohibited.
Grown exclusively in NZ by the Quality Growers Group.
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Hebe Black Panther
Hebe  Black Panther
This wonderful new Hebe has been bred in Holland and brought back to New Zealand. The leaves are large and almost black on the undersides. Large deep burgundy flowers are produced in spring. Exclusive to QG.
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Hebe Champion PVR
Hebe  Champion
This wonderful new Hebe was bred in Europe and brought back to New Zealand. Champion has a small rounded leaf deep olive green on the upper surface and deep maroon underneath. It will stay small and compact with an annual trim.
PVR - 2800
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Hebe Galway Bay
Hebe  Galway Bay
A recent introduction from Holland where this new Hebe was bred. A medium sized compact plant with deep olive green foliage that smoothers itself in mauve flowers through the spring. Exclusive to QG.
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Leptospermum Andromeda PVR
Leptospermum  Andromeda
Andromeda has an erect growth habit up to 2m in height. Medium to large bright pink flowers are produced in mass on long stems in mid spring. Pruning after flowering will ensure a good flowering the following spring.
PVR - MAN020
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Leptospermum Blushing Star
Leptospermum  Blushing Star
A new release in 2014. Bred in new Zealand at the Plant & Food Research Institute. 'Blushing Star' has been selected as a variety which is particularly good at producing an abundance of flowers which smother the tops of the arching branches during the spring months. The flowers are a soft blush pink with a deep maroon centre. Will grow to about 1.5m in height with a spread of 2m. A hardy New Zealand native shrub which will grow in most garden situations. Can be trimmed after flowering to maintain shape.
Eligible for PVR, propagation prohibited
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Leptospermum Electric Red PVR
Leptospermum  Electric Red
Vibrant red flowers will smoother this bush through the spring. 'Electric Red' will grow into a tidy bush approximately 2.5m high. A hardy small shrub for most soil types and climates.
PVR - 2446
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Leptospermum Merinda PVR
Leptospermum  Merinda
Vibrant Magenta flowers will cover this bush in colour in late spring. Early growth of this shrub is spreading or cascading but it will develop into a small shrub approximately 1 metre high and 1 meter across. A hardy small shrub for most soil types and climates.
PVR - 1630
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Leptospermum Outrageous
Leptospermum  Outrageous
'Outrageous' is a medium shrub which grows to about 2 metres high with drooping branches. The 5-petalled, deep red flowers are large and will smother the shrub creating a wonderful display during the summer months. The flowers have a green centre and are followed by woody fruits containing many seeds. A hardy new Zealand native shrub suitable for all garden situations.
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Leptospermum Phoenix PVR
Leptospermum  Phoenix
The large deep mauve flowers are produced in mid to late spring on a nice compact shrub which will grow to approximately 1.5 - 2 meters in height. A hardy shrub for most soil types and climates.
PVR - MAN021
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Lomandra Lime Tuff
Lomandra  Lime Tuff

Lomandra Lime Tuff is a compact selection of Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia spp. pallida; with fine lime green leaves that stay lush all year round. In summer fragrant small yellow flower spikes emerge. This plant is extremely hardy and tolerates frost and dry conditions. A little Aussie import that is doing extremely well in New Zealand conditions!

Contact your local garden centre for availability.

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Nandina Gulfstream
Nandina  Gulfstream
This highly decorative form of the Chinese Welcome Bush is valued for the wonderful autumn colour which intensifies to a brilliant red in winter. Easy care and tolerant, most affective when planted in a group.
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Rosemary Chef's Choice PVR
Rosemary  Chef's Choice
New Release 2008. This wonderful new rosemary has been selected for it's brilliant flavour and it's great form. Grow it as an ornamental plant in the garden and trim it regularly for use in your cooking. An excellent container plant.
PVR - SHM228
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